Monday, October 11, 2010

Tarot Card: XI. Strength

There ya go.  Done!

- The card either depicts a strong male or female character (olders cards were usually female)
- It is a card of the sun
- The card is represented by Leo (the lion)
- It often depicts a woman with a calm, controlled look on her face standing beside a lion who is ready but clearly under the command of the woman.
- Often contains flowers to show balance (strength of the lion and woman vs. the elegance of the flowers)
- Also considered the card of lust
- Original designs depicted inner strngth instead of outer strength, hence the more slight figure of a woman instead of the more robust male character

Monday, October 4, 2010

Image Making Sketchbook 1

Alright, for Image making we have to draw a set of 100 drawings for a sketchbook.  The drawings are based off a list with 100 words and sentences which are to be the topics of each individual drawing.  Here are the first two: 1. Introduction and 2. Love.  I am allotting myself fifteen minutes for each.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More Sketches.

So I'm pretty pissed... I had a really good sketch about a woman in a fur coat drinking whiskey, and the file got corrupted!  That's so freaking lame!  Blah...  Sorry about the color one: I made the mistake of starting color on a white surface.

EDIT: I fixed the file on that last sketch!

11. Strength

Alright, my current assignment is to recreate a tarrot card for my image making class.  I drew number 11, Strength.