Monday, October 11, 2010

Tarot Card: XI. Strength

There ya go.  Done!

- The card either depicts a strong male or female character (olders cards were usually female)
- It is a card of the sun
- The card is represented by Leo (the lion)
- It often depicts a woman with a calm, controlled look on her face standing beside a lion who is ready but clearly under the command of the woman.
- Often contains flowers to show balance (strength of the lion and woman vs. the elegance of the flowers)
- Also considered the card of lust
- Original designs depicted inner strngth instead of outer strength, hence the more slight figure of a woman instead of the more robust male character

1 comment:

  1. The symbolism of the placement of her arms is not there. The right arm depicts physical strength, while the left is mental strength. Other than the purple robe (normally white in strength to depict purity). and the nudity (she's normally clothed) it's nice. Are you doing a whole deck?